Stepping outside of my comfort zone in 2020!

I started my business Nerdy Girl Web Developer in the middle of 2020 during the covid pandemic. Of course I didn’t think anything through and had no idea what starting a business would really mean. Hell I didn’t have a background in business let alone know how to build one.  I was like what the hell I can do this right?!!! Anyone can run a business, but little did I know…


Before my brilliant idea of starting Nerdy Girl I became curious about coding and developing websites so my curiosity got the better of me like it usually does. That’s when I started taking some courses on coding and WordPress development, which I completely fell in love with and never looked back after that. 


Creating websites is an amazing outlet for me and it allows me to be extremely creative. I love designing and creating something beautiful and functional. It’s therapeutic for my soul.


Right now,  I am a full time, in-home healthcare worker by day and to anyone who is a healthcare worker you know how grueling and exhausting it can be. Even when you are off the clock you are constantly thinking about your patients and how you can make their life better. 


I decided that working for a corporation was no longer making me happy. In fact, it was depressing me to no end and starting to destroy my soul (that’s not an exaggeration). Every day I would get up and think,” Is this all there is to my life? What else is there and how else can I make an impact?”  I knew there was something greater and bigger for me than this. 

Every single day I would wake up for the last year, thinking only about one thing and that was how can I grow my website design business so that I can quit my 9-5 and really embrace my gifts and talents as a designer?  How can I serve in another way and impact those around me where it changes their life so deeply and profoundly that their life is better too. 

2020 is my year of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Those who know me really well, know that I am a shy introvert with a great sense of humor. So putting myself out there is a huge step. The only way to grow is to embrace being uncomfortable. It is my year of taking a leap of faith and really truly believing in my abilities to be successful in my own business. Even though I am scared shitless! It’s driving me to do things that I never ever would have done as my old self. 

The transformation has been liberating in so many ways.  It’s my year of learning to fail a lot. It would be a huge understatement saying that starting a business in the middle of a pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. There have been plenty of wins but there have also been a lot of fails. The learning curve is endless, but I love everything about it. I love the challenge of learning how to do all of it. 


I used to be afraid of failing, but I am no longer afraid. With every single fail I now see it as a learning opportunity to grow and get better. It’s always a teachable moment and to be honest, I now look forward to screwing things up.


 Even if one post helps and impacts someone else who is doubting their ability to contribute their gifts and talents to the world then I have made an impact and I know that I am in the right place and am doing what I am meant to be doing.


To all the people who are reading my posts and following along with me on my journey. I appreciate you! Thanks for your love and support! I know who you are and I see you.