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Website Design

Websites for women by women! We are here to support your vision, your mission, and your life’s purpose. Let’s create your legacy and get your incredibly unique gifts, talents, and  story out to the world! Why? Because the world needs you!

Website Revamps and Face-lifts

Have an old outdate website that just needs a quick and easy facelift? Need some touch ups and things added to your existing pages or have a punch list that you haven’t quite been able to get to? No problem! We got your covered we are the best at bringing your website out of the stoneages and into modern times.

Website Maintenance

We keep your site running smooth, safe, secure, and up to date! We take the hassle out of building a website. Never be invisible, unheard, or live in the shadows again.

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Hi! I’m Patti

Thank you for visiting. Check us out and stay for a while.  Please click below to learn more about me.

Why Nerdy Girl?


We know you are a woman who changes lives and brings transformation wherever you go. At nerdy girl we dive deeper into helping you grow online. This is our jam. We love going on the journey with you to help you reach your goals!


We bring a bold voice and bold visibility to your business. We design and create a path that leads you further along your life’s journey so that you can leave your legacy with others and change lives across the globe.


We know you are extraordinary. We are experienced website designers and developers. We’ll put in the energy by creating and bringing your vision,  brand voice, and message to life. We’ll create a unique and beautiful website that represents the extraordinary in you.


We believe in expansion and investing into your business. We know you are a female business owner who is truly worthy of everything you desire, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting more in life. Contact us for pricing details and more. It’s time to invest in yourself and in your business. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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Susan's Bookstore
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Patti was incredibly communicative and responsive. She had a fast turn around time, asked meaningful questions to determine what I wanted out of a website, and was very patient with me. I already have the next project lined up with her.

Janee Moore

CEO and Director, The FETCH Project

Nerdy Girl was great! She was very professional and courteous. I hated the website that I made. Patti got me the results I wanted. She was very informative and communicated well. She got my site done quickly. The process was very smooth.

Susan Lehmkuhl

Author , Susan's Bookstore

I had no direction at all. Patti was insightful and created a beautiful website for the world to see. I will continue to work with her. People are loving this new site.

Bianca Tolbert

CEO/Founder, Khaki Colored Kidz

Finally a website designer who understood my every need. I love my website. I wanted my website to showcase my work and to sell my photos and I had my website for less than a month and already made a return on my investment. I can’t wait to do more work with her.

Leslie Spurlock

Leslie Spurlock, Photojournalist

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